Traffic Counter & Stats

With this simple copy and paste code, you can display a traffic counter badge on your site, as well as record visitor statistics - perfect for website optimization.

Google PR Check

Check the Google PageRank of you site, or any other website, simply by entering the URL. This easy-to-use tool will show results from over 20 of Googles international servers.

Multi-Site PR Checker

Find the PageRank for several sites at once with this handy tool. Enter a list of as many as 20 URLs and get the PR for every single site reported back in just one easy step.

PR Display Badges

Use this copy-n-paste code to show a badge with your sites PR. The dynamic images automatically update as your PR rises! Several designs to choose from.

Outbound PR Crawl

This tool will crawl the outbound links of your page and check the PR of every page you link to. Simply enter the target URL of the start page and let it do the rest!

Fake PR Check

It is possible for sites to display a false PR number on their site. Enter a URL here, and this tool will check the real PR, and verify that the site displays the real PageRank.

Resources Directory

Browse our collection of internet resources and websites. Our staff has built this library out of highly ranked search topics. If you run a website you would like to see listed here, please Contact Us with your site information.